Thursday, December 13, 2018

Planning a Trip to Ireland: Where to Stay and How to Get There

This is the last of my 4 part series of planning a trip to Ireland.  Now that you have your flight, you know what you want to see, and how to get around: its time to find out where you want to stay.

Usually, when we visit a city, we like to use HomeAway and rent an apartment for a week or so.  We did this in London last summer and a few years ago in Paris. On both occasions staying in an apartment in the heart of the city is the ultimate travel experience.

Since this is such a whirlwind trip of only 8 days, spending 2 days in each location, we decided to just stay in hotels for our trip.  The next best thing to having your own apartment is staying in a boutique hotel.  I smaller place with character and personalized service.  The key to getting the best rate is to book directly at the hotel WEB site.

When we get off the plane in Dublin at 5-AM in the morning, we know that there is a bus that goes straight downtown.  We picked a Hotel in the downtown close to public transportation and the sites we want to see.   So our 2 days on Dublin will be at the Cassidys Hotel.  I actually got a recommendation for this place from an Army buddy.  A small Boutique Hotel with a short walk to Trinity College and other locations.  We will take our bags to the hotel in the early morning then go see some of the city until check-in. 

After 2 Days in Dublin, we grab the tram to the Heuston Train Station.  Our trip west to Galway is where we will spend the next 2-days on the Irish Atlantic coast.  We visit the Aran Islands and the Cliffs of Moher while there. We decided to stay at the Residence Hotel in Galway, which is another boutique hotel.  This hotel only has 20 rooms and in in the heart of the city of Galway, on a famous pedestrian boulevard called Quay Street in the Latin Quarter.

Once we're done in Galway, we head off by bus south to Cork where we will tour the Ring of Kerry which is in the far southwest corner of Ireland.  In Cork, we decided to stay a the Jury Inn which is a major European Chain.  This hotel reservation was made as a matter of convenience, located close to downtown and to where our tour will be departing from.

After Cork, it's back to Dublin by train east and our flight back to the states the next day.  We wanted something close to the Train Station where we will grab a taxi back to the airport the next morning. So out of the blue after reading the reviews, we decide on the Charleville Lodge.  It seems like a crazy place to stay with a strange sort of vibe.  In a quiet part of west Dublin, it will suit our needs before our flight the next day.

So here it is; a planned trip to Ireland, 8 days on the emerald island. I hope you follow the Wandering Soldier and come along for the ride.  Looking forward to this great trip; we're going to have fun and grow in the process.  Its the whole point of travel.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Planning a Trip to Ireland: Getting Around

I can not say this enough, "Thank God for Google Maps".  Let me say it again, "Thank God for Google Maps".    It has taken all the mystery away from navigating anywhere in the world.  It has made my love affair with public transportation so much better.

Let me give you an example, we are staying at the Cassidy Hotel in downtown Dublin for two nights.  At the end of our stay, we need to take a train to Galway.  Use Google maps to search for the train station and it will tell you where to walk and what bus to get on.   It will include the bus number or train number, it's pure magic baby.

It's worth every penny of the $10 a day that AT&T charges me to use my phone like I'm in the USA.  You can change the travel options for any site you'd like to walk too or ride public transportation too.  Forget the tourist city map and travel like a local.  Google it!!

It is important when selecting a hotel in any city to look at the local travel options for the place you are thinking about staying.  Before booking your reservation do some google map searches to places you want to visit while your there.  Ensure that it fits into your touring plans while you're at a particular location.  Most place will be an easy walk away if you choose the right hotel.

When we get off the train in Galway our hotel is an 800-meter walk from the train station into the heart of the city, with all local attractions within easy walking distance. Once we finish our stay in Galway we will take a bus to Cork, but we will stop in Limerick for a few hours to visit King James Castle.  It is bus number 51 or X51 which is the express bus that only stops in Limerick and then Cork.  We haven't decided if we'll take the express or not.  It does shave an hour off the trip to Cork, but there might be somewhere else we want to stop.  It a decision that can be made right before we get on the bus.

A lot of people rent cars when they go to Ireland personally it's not for me.  There is a lot of stress in driving and parking.  I don't mind driving on the other side of the road but I prefer to leave the driving to someone else while on vacation, plus public transportation is so well developed in Europe there really is no need for the extra expense or stress.  In my next post, I explore the Hotels and the best way to make reservations.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Planning a Trip to Ireland: What to See?

As I stated in my last post,  now that we got the flight arranged, it's time to decide where we want to go.   We are going to be here for 8 days and we are flying into Dublin.  You could easily burn 8 days in Dublin alone, there is so much to see, but we want to see a bit more of Ireland than just this city.

Probably one of the best tools out there is .  Here you can look at what are the favorite sites, then decide where you want to go and what you want to see based on your interest.  So I did a search of Ireland, the number of things to do or see can seem a little overwhelming, so it's best to take your time read the reviews and make a decision.  If you're unable to decide then you can look at suggested itineraries, but that's no fun.

After a couple days of thinking it over, we decided to stay in 3 locations with 2 nights in each location.  The winners are Dublin for the first 2 nights to see the Book of Kells, the Epic Immigration Museum, and several other things. From Dublin, we take a train to Galway to see the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands which will be on an 11-hour tour.  From Galway will take a bus to Cork,  on the way we will stop in Limerick to tour the King James Castle.  Once in Cork, we take the Ring of Kerry Full-Day Guided Tour.

 After Cork, we will take the train back to Dublin for our flight back to the states the next day.  We will sleep well on the flight home I promise you.  In my next post, I will talk about travel details and the art of using public transportation.  I can smell the Irish coffee now, can't you?

Planning a Trip to Ireland: The Airline Tickets

It is important for me to score a good deal on Airline Tickets.  Which I did on a Black Friday Sale through the Irish National Airlines Aer Lingus, $1200 round trip for 2 from Nashville to Dublin.

When planning a trip I break it down into a few phases.  First I decide when and where we want to travel, then buy the initial round trip tickets.  The in-country plans always come later. Sometimes the cost of the travel determines where we go.  This was one of those cases.

I was sitting in my man cave scanning through my email and my eye catches the Aer Lingus sale notice.  My mind rushes back to a few years ago to a trip with an old Army buddy where we walked Haidrains wall in Northern England.  We initially went to Dublin, then Belfast making our way to the to Newcastle where we started the 7-day walk covering 120 kilometers. It was planes, trains, and automobiles for sure on that one.

My mind continued to race back to Ireland and how I wanted to go back with Terri, and that this time we needed to see more of the countryside.  So I clicked the link on the email verified the dates of our school calendar for spring break. I then purchase the tickets on the Aer Lingus website.

So we're set for the trip a United Airlines flight from Nashville to Newark, then Newark to Dublin for our flight across the pond.   Now what to do when we get there?  This is where the fun begins. So stay tuned and we'll decide where we go, what we see, and the travel in between.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Warr's Harley Davidson London England

If you haven't realized it yet, Harley Davidson is increasingly dependent on International Sales.  It is merely the nature of this Iconic brand.   Harley Davidson is known as a symbol of freedom, and American Power admired throughout the World.  Owning a Harley is the closest many will get to feeling American.

So when I travel, I like to visit the local Harley Shop.  Usually, when I visit these shops, it seems that I'm the one who ends up answering the questions.  I'm always interested in the perspective of riders worldwide.  So far I have been to Harley Dealerships in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and now London, England.

In the Canadian shops, I was confronted with the fact that down south we have a very long riding season and that even in the winter we can get a few days of riding in.  There was a hint of jealousy in their voices, for good reason.  In UAE it was about the Desert ride which is awesome.  The Mountains and the Oceans are magnificent. If you stop at a rest stop you will more than likely be greeted by a camel.

In London, it was all about style and power.  There is, of course, driving on the wrong side of the road.  Warr's Harley Davidson was a large shop in the American Style.  They also had a thriving customization operation.  They had some awesome custom bikes that they built from Harley stock cycles.

Warr's is the oldest dealership in Europe, established in 1924.  They also had a collection of vintage bikes that were on the showroom floor.  One of the associates picked my brain about riding in America and planned to go there to ride this upcoming summer. 

Wherever I go its fun to see Harley conquering the multicultural divide, bring together riders from all over the world.  So when you sit on any motorcycle remember this, you have more in common with the rest of the world than you might think.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

6 Days in London

This is a bit of a ramble a collection of facebook post, but I think that it is fun, enjoy.

Nashville’s new non stop to London. I’m impressed so far with British Airways. Flight was delayed 2 hours got a text at home with a recommended check in time. Because of the 2 hour delay we got a dinner voucher. That was nice of them.

Thoughts on Anthony Bourdain who was discovered dead the day we were leaving:  As I sit here waiting for my flight to London. I have to say I have been thinking of this all day. Last year I read a piece that hinted at trouble in this mans paradise. As one person put it he was bitten by that black dog. The black dog of depression.

I have followed Anthony from the very beginning. Trying to fashion my life as his was, by traveling and searching out new experiences. It seems unbelievable to me that it has ended for him and in such a sad way. I guess there is solace in the fact that he gave so much to the lovers of travel and food. That he had a life many of us dream of and was able to share it with the world. Rest in piece and until Valhalla.

The view of Windsor Castle from our hotel room window. Today is the queens birthday.  A walk around Windsor tonight and then tour the Castle tomorrow.  It was a special stay and one that we didn't plan to make they made a mistake on our AirBnB reservations so we couldn't check in until tomorrow evening.  Windsor is close to Heathrow and a short train into London.

You can tell we’re getting older, notice I won’t say old. We had plans once we got into our Flat in London to go to Piccadilly Circus for dinner. Needless to say, we went to the local market to pick  up some things. We decided on frozen pizza. Well, at least we know the oven works. It will be there tomorrow, Piccadilly Circus that is.

Still not really over the jet lag, so we got a late start today. We hit the Harley Dealer first thing, you got to have your priorities. Then the Victoria and Albert Museum. After a late lunch Kensington Gardens and Palace. I’ll post albums later, but here’s a little taste. Was very surprised by Kensington Palace which showed Victoria's Royal Apartments. They had a Diane Exhibit there which was a bonus. Got our Chips fix taken care of. 

We took a river cruise which was included in the London Pass from Tower Hill down to Westminster. We walked over to the London Eye, but it wasn’t included in the London pass and the line was out of this world so we walk to Westminster Abby which closed at 330pm. So we decided to jump on the bus and go home.

Westminster Abby established 1066. Is the center of the western world. I was completely overwhelmed by this place. Although it is primarily a place of worship, historically all 4 corners of the world meet at the Abby. The choir is composed of members from across the former empire. The historical figures represented or buried here are to long to list. Longfellow has a bust in the hall of poets. TH Lawrence, Chaucer are buried here. This is not even mentioning all the former sovereigns whom have tombs; Elizabeth the 1st is buried across from Mary Queen of Scots. Whom The virgin queen had beheaded. The only grave not walked on is that of the unknown warrior laid to rest in at the front of the Abby. At formal events Royals walk around that grave.

Last day in London tomorrow we do the duffel bag drag down to Southampton. The London pass included a 1 day ticket on the Hop On Hop Off tour so we spend a few hours riding around London. Not something I’d usually do, but it was free so what the heck. We were tired of walking so it worked out well. We had 6 full days here not enough time.

Something I thought about and think I should share. When traveling it is important to get the full experience. Skip the travel agent and book an apartment in any city in the world use public transportation and interact with local people. Go to the local markets and cook your own food. As a rule we only eat one meal out during the day, the others we cooked in. Today we ate Lebanese. At the apartment we eat bagels or cereal in the morning we have a grocery store across the street so, out of Coffee, Terri yells Curtis!! Last night I made chicken Tki Marsala, the sauce was out of a jar but it was amazing. Of course I doctored it up with fresh onion, red peppers and chicken,

The news from England this morning. Steve Hawking’s ashes will be placed in the naive at Westminster Abbey and Megan Markel made the Queen Laugh. That is all!!!

Well, we made it to Heathrow ready for our flight tomorrow. Found out there was a tube station behind the hotel. So we took the train to Hammersmith for one last British meal at a Pub there.

This was a neat trip to a suburb called Kew Gardens. We intended to go to a quilt shop there, but it was closed. It still was interesting to see the neighborhood. I wanted to go to The Royal Botanical Gardens that was near by, but it was to late. So we had an iced coffee at a Star Bucks near the tube stop. On future visit to the gardens,a stay in a small hotel would be a must when passing through London in the future.

I would like to spend a month here some day, now off to Southampton to catch our Northern Lights Cruise with a stop in St. Petersburg.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Riding the Devil's Triangle

With the sweat smell of fire-cured tobacco in the air, we are headed out to ride the Devil’s Triangle. I know that term has a different meaning to most Americans now but I promise this is just a motorcycle ride.

We have been wanting to do this ride for a long time and we finally got her done.  It was quite the adventure. In the middle of east Tennessee lies a wilderness area near Frozen Head State Park. This ride skirts the southern end of it.

We leave Clarksville for the 5 hour ride on Tennessee Highway 52 which is beautiful in its own right. You then take US 27 south to Wartburg.  In Wartburg its TN 62 east to the start of the Devil's Triangle on TN 116 North.  

It begins at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary, which is now a Museum. The ride will take you up the side of Fork Mountain. Then switches back along the New River Highway which is part of TN 116.  You then take TN 330 south to Oliver Springs, where you will rejoin TN 62 to for the return trip to to Warburg.

After a full day of riding we stay the night in Wartburg and make our way back to Clarksville the next day. Tennessee Highway 116 will be one of the most challenging roads you'll ever ride.  If you don't feel alive after this ride you might want to check your pulse. 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Clayton and his 52 Chevy Pickup

When riding back from East Tennessee we met a fella named Clayton Aldridge. He was 84 years young and had just finished restoring this 52 Chevy Pick-up. We had stopped to get gas in Clarkrange, at the intersection of TN62 and US127 on the plateau. I see this truck for sale and start looking at it.

 Then Clayton comes out of the gas station to give me his sales pitch. He told me that when he got this truck there was nothing but a cab and frame. It took him 2 years to restore, starting it when he was 82. I tell ya, if I had an extra 28k laying around I would have bought that truck. It is a beauty with a 327 power pack. 

Clayton was quite the character he said he raises some legendary fall curly leaf cabbage. He said he has 284 growing right now and that once you eat one of them you’ll never want a store bought cabbage again. He told me to come back by the middle of November and he would give me a couple. Every year he gives them away at the Clarkrange Girls basketball games of which he is an avid fan. 

So if you're interested in the truck; give Clayton a call. He has his eye on a 56 Chevy Belair which he wants to start working on.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

St Petersburg Russia

The whole reason for taking a 12 day Nordic Cruise was for these 2 days in St. Petersburg.  What can I say, it was one of the most fabulous cities we have ever been to.  Although we really enjoyed our time there, we did feel rushed and hurried for those 2 Days.   At the end of the day we were physically exhausted, but we saw lots of sites and felt that we were getting our money's worth.  It was worth it.  

Unless relations between the US and Russia improve, I don't know if we'll ever return.  The easiest way to visit Russia is on a Cruise or an organized Russia Travel Tour.  No independent travel if your not from a country that has Russian favored nation status. Currently, the US State Department even advises against travel to Russia.  American citizens are likely to get harassed by the police they say.  Although after being in Russia I can hardly believe it.

We did the thing that I hate the most, road a tour bus with about 40 other people.  In all, it really wasn't that bad.  Our guides were fabulous, beautiful Russian English teachers.  Anastasia and Katerina.   Then when they introduced the driver as Demtrie, that's when I started to wonder.  I have serious doubts that they were using their real names. The names seem a little bit too common, but when you lived in a society like Russia, it's probably best to blend in as much as possible.  So what did we see? Believe me, it's still a blur.

Day #1 The Petersburg inner-city

Our first stop was the Moika Palace or Yusupov Palace, it was once the primary residence of the House of Yusupov. The palace is where Grigori Rasputin's was murdered in the early morning of December 17, 1916. The palace contained wax figures depicting the murder.  Maybe it was a little hint of what would happen if tourist got out of line on the tour.  

Afterword, we took a cruise on the Neva River.  Petersburg actually sits on a river delta much like New Orleans.  From our boat, we could see many major sights along the river.  The Winter Palace which is also the Hermitage Museum, the Peter and Paul Church, and Fortress, the Cruiser Aurora, just to name a few.  For lunch, we stopped at a downtown restaurant for a traditional Russian meal.  After lunch it's was off to the Church of the Blood.  Probably one of the most recognizable sites in St. Petersburg, because of it's unique Medevil Russian Architecture.   

Our last stop of the day would be the Hermitage or what used to be called the Winter Palace that was stormed during the 1917 revolution. The shot heard around the world from Cruiser Aurora that started the revolution of 1917. Now a museum of both the palace and over 3 million pieces of art. It is the largest Museum in the world, with the 4th largest art collection in the world. This was an assault on the senses, overwhelming. They have Rembrandts last painting here in a Rembrandt wing. A couple of El Greco's and 2 Da Vinci's.  Originally, Catherine the Greats winter home. 

Day #2 Outer Petersburg: The Country Palaces

This day started with a 30 Kilometer bus trip outside the city on the newly construct M-10 Freeway.  Completed especially for the World Cup 2018.  Our destination is Catherines Summer Palace.  A palace that was complete gutted during World War 2 and then meticulously restored.  Famous for the gold that is on the chapel domes and the Gold accented facade and the Amber Room which some consider one of the 8 wonders of the modern world.

We then head to the Peterhof Palace with its magnificent fountains and seaside location.  Built by Peter the Great it is considered the Rusian Versailles.  It is famous for its water features and Gardens.  After the Peterhof, we stop for lunch at a country house that is across the street from Putin's Petersburg mansion, but nowhere near as nice as the palaces.

We then head back to Petersburg to visit Peter and Paul Chapel and Fortress.  Where the remains of the last Czar and his family are interned.  After being verified by DNA they were placed in this small chapel inside the fortress.  Our last stop is the Saint Isaacs Basilica which is the largest Orthodox Cathedral in the world and the 4th largest in the entire world.  It is a massive structure both inside and out. 

Once we get back to the Cruise ship we are delayed because some on the cruise went to see the Brazil and Ecuador World Cup Game.  It was special being in this city during the World Cup, sure the Hermitage was much more crowded because of this.  That didn't matter it was special seeing the world come together for an event that made this city electric and even more special to be in. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Headed Home a Ride on Wisconsin Route 78

After spending a few days in Merrill Wisconsin, it's time to head home to Tennessee.  After 4 days of riding the River Road along the Mississippi, I decided to take a more direct route home.  There are still some sites I want to see, and an Interstate to be avoided.

I leave on a gray morning not expecting rain, but sure enough, God starts spitting about 25 miles down Interstate 39.  It is a light on and off rain, I can't decide whether to rain suit up or not.  So I stop for gas and decide to press on.  Luckily the rain subsides, and I dry out quickly.  As the sun comes out, I leave the interstate where I-39 meets I-90 near Portage.  Then join Wisconsin Route 28.

My original reason to take this road was to avoid I-90 which is a mess between Madison and Rockford.  This road turned out to be a joy to ride.  A curvy river road that filled the senses.  It is a good day to be on a motorcycle.

I stop for lunch in Prairie Du Sac at the Eagle Inn.  On the banks of Lake Wisconsin, I had the Turkey Thanksgiving Special.  The waitress was friendly and had a lot of questions about my trip.  I'm always amazed at the reactions that I get when I tell people I'm on a long motorcycle trip.  Most ask where you've been, and where you're going, some even ask if they can go with you.

As I leave the hills and curves of the Wisconsin River; Route 28 straightens out into a flat corn filled plain.  In no time I'm crossing the border into Illinois.  As I pass through Dixon Illinois, I stop at Ronald Reagan's Boyhood home.  Reagan as a child lived in a lot of places in Northern Illinois, this was one of them.

After visiting a dead president, I rejoin I-39 and blast down to Decatur for my overnight stop.  I'll be home tomorrow after 5 hours on the interstate and a stop at Four River Harley Davidson.  You know I have to stop and check out the sales rack.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Day-4 on the Great River Road: Final Push La Crosse to Merrill Wisconsin

So today is the last day of an incredible 4-day motorcycle riding along the Mississippi.  I've seen a lot of great sites and met some fantastic people.  Today is just a short push from La Cross to Merrill Wisconsin to visit some family.

I leave La Crosse on a warm morning the ride is pretty uneventful.  I leave the River Road and La Crosse on I90 for a short time to Tomah.  Where I jump on Wisconsin State Road 173 which cuts across the state at a North East angle.

It is a straight road, but after 3 days of curves on the Mississippi it feels good to just to cruise.  If you ever wondered where they grew cranberries well this is the place.  The fields look like rice fields which are flooded for harvest.  I soon join the Wisconsin River and follow it all the way to Wausau, passing through the river towns of Wisconsin Rapids and Stevens Point.  They are paper mill towns and have that paper mill smell a pungent sickening sweet smell, that one gets used too.

Once in Wausau, I stop at the Harley Davidson of Wausau to check out the sales rack and I found some sweet stuff.   I then went to the lounge, to have a cup of coffee.   There I reflected on my 4 day trip up the Mississippi.  I saw some neat things and had some great rides. CLICK ON THE LINKS below to catch up on it all.

Day 1: Illinois Route 3 and Ste. Genevieve

Day 2: Missouri Route 79

Day 3: The National Motorcycle Museum 

After my reflection, I was off, from here Merrill is only 20 minutes away.  I will be here a few days before I off on my next adventure back home the Clarksville Tennessee.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

A Moment in Time on a Motorcycle

I ran across these pictures the other day from a trip out to Yellowstone on my 98 Softail a few years ago. Right after I finished visiting Hell's Half Acre, which is a small gorge in the middle of Wyoming's desert plain. I stopped at a rest stop to cook some ramen for lunch when this couple ran up to me.

The man said, "that he always wanted a motorcycle and a Harley." He explained that he never got around to it in his life and was sorry about it all. He seemed pretty emotional when he asked if he could sit on my motorcycle. The ignition was locked, so I said go ahead man have at it. He then asked if I would take a picture of him and his wife next to the bike and email it to him later, which I did.

Later on while back on the road, I couldn't help thinking how lucky I was.  To be on this road at this moment, doing something that others only dream of.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Life in the 82nd Airborne Division

I was in the 82nd Airborne from 1981 until 1989. The 101st Airborne from 1991 to 2001. I’m writing this because I get a lot of questions about what the Army was like from Civilian friends. Sure it looks fun but it gets monotonous. 

I was in logistics but you still have to do all this quote “fun stuff” on a regular basis. Qualify with your weapon, 12-mile ruck march once a quarter, Gas Chamber every 6 months. Jump out an airplane every few weeks which takes about 8 hours before you actually leave the Aircraft, most of them being at night. Then there is PT every morning at 630AM 5 days a week, 6 days if you fall out of a company run on Friday. Oh,  I forgot all the different 24-hour duties you have the privilege to pull.  Charge of Quarters (CQ),  Guard Duty, BN/BDE Runner and Driver, then there all the field exercises with the well-loved Kitchen Police Duty (KP).  Some people don’t last 3 years much less 20. Sure it got a little easier in the 101st Airborne no planes to jump out of and as you make rank you don't have to do some of these.  

 I compare the Army with professional sports in that it’s a young man's game. A lot of people have to leave for medical reasons, no room for OSHA standards here. I personally have bad hearing; a bad shoulder, knee, and ankle. I would not have changed a thing and kind of miss it sometimes for just a small moment.

 Lots of people had it a lot worse than I did. Especially some of the Vietnam vets I served with in the early 80’s. And the ongoing mess we created in the sandbox. I retired Feb 2001 but got a little taste of it as a contractor in Afghanistan. I tried to steer our sons away from the Army, but every service has its challenges. I do believe that we should bring the draft back for the simple reason that the defense of the nation should be a national responsibility that everyone should bear in some way.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Riding the Great River Road: Day 3-The National Motorcycle Museum

Today is day-3 on the Great River Road.  I leave Muscatine, Iowa planning to take a little detour.  I ride about 30 minutes west to the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, I learned a lot about the man who while president, was blamed for the great depression.  He actually excelled at being a lifelong humanitarian and one of the founders of UNICEF.  An organization dedicated to providing developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.

After leaving the Historic site, I start to make my way back to the River Road when I come across an outrageous surprise.  The National Motorcycle Museum as I ride by it I decide to make a u-turn for a visit.  It was a pleasant surprise.  They had Evil Kenevil's jump bike there, a great Indian collection also, over 400 historically significant motorcycles.

After about an hour in the museum, I make my way back to the River Road.  I stop for lunch in Guttenberg Iowa right on the river.  The Kaffee 1858 & Public House had a friendly staff and a great Ruben Sandwich. After lunch, I ride up the River to Effigy Mounds National Monument.  Which is an old Indian Mounds burial complex, the mounds sit on bluffs that overlook the Mississippi River.  There are 3 mounds next to the visitor center also.

After viewing the mounds I cross the river into Wisconsin at Prairie Du Chien for the final leg of my ride today.  I travel up Wisconsin State Route 35 right along the River it is a magnificent ride. Going through several small towns on the river along the way.

I make it to my final destination for the evening La Cross Wisconsin, just in time for a traffic jam downtown.  It is good to get to the Hotel and reflect on 3 days of riding the Great River Road.  Tomorrow Merrill Wisconsin.