Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Nashville Farmers Market a Motorcycle Ride

This is our Sunday go-to ride during the summer.  Highway 12 from Clarksville to the Nashville Farmers Market.  It’s about 50 miles, and it’s perfect for a morning ride.  It's one of those southern
summer days hot, humid; on a motorcycle, you feel it, and it feels good.  

From Clarksville, it's map of the earth to Ashland City, a Mayberry type of town.  From Clarksville, it’s a two-lane twisting affair starting the drop into the Nashville basin.  After Ashland City, it opens up to a 4 lane ride along the river with large meandering high-speed turns.  It has great views of the rivers and hollers that feed into it. 

Once in the city, Highway 12 ends with a right turn on US Highway 41A.  After cresting the next hill, the Nashville skyline smacks you in the face with one of those views of the city.  From here, it’s a short ride through the heat Island that is Nashville. In and out of the clouds make for a great ride. 

The farmers market is in Centennial Park that includes the capital building.  The area is called German Town and, like a lot of Nashville, is a hotbed of development.  

Once here, we walk through the vegetable stands and eat lunch in the Air-Conditioned Food Court.  This court has it all, BBQ, Jamaican, Indian, Cajun, we settle on Greek.  You need to go there hungry and don’t expect to see McDonald's. 

It’s a fun experience even with the tourist here.  While in line paying for our purple cauliflower, we met a couple from Arvada, Colorado.  They were leaving here and flying home.  They said a lot of nice things about the city.  

After lunch, we rode home; there seemed to be much less traffic, always a plus on a Motorcycle.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Harvest Host : The Bent Limb Farm

We are members of Harvest Host.  A unique RV membership program where you have access to over 1800 different businesses allows you to stay on their property for a nominal purchase of their product.  Locations include establishments such as farms, wineries, breweries, museums, restaurants, attractions, and more.  

Today we are staying at the Bent Limb Farm.  Tucked into the western hills of Pennsylvania, it is mainly an alpaca fiber farm, but they have so much more.  They also raise free-range hogs, chickens, ducks, and rabbits.  They have an on-site shop that sells all of the above.  Best of all, they are some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.

Once here, you have a free run of the farm.  We parked our RV right in between a hogpen and a field that contained the alpacas.  Harvest Host is such a great program.  You meet a lot of good people and lots of new experiences.