Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Beaufort and Bluffton South Carolina : Two Towns in the Low Country

South Carolina's low country has some of the most diverse cultures and geography in the country.  It reminds me a lot of the low country of Lousiana without the french influence.  It is—pure southern antebellum.     

We did America's Walking Club (AVA) 6K walk in Beaufort, South Carolina, and the 5K walk in Bluffton, South Carolina.   Both towns contained marvelous 16th and 17th Century Architecture.  Georgian, Federal, and Greek revival are all present in the low country.  Both these towns look like much smaller versions of Charleston and New Orleans.

Fascinating graveyard at the Anglican Church in Beaufort.  The British Stabled their horses there during the Revolutionary War.  So the graveyard has British Soldiers, confederate soldiers, Union soldiers, and a soldier from every war in American history.  We also walked through the National Cemetery just on the outskirts of the old town of Beaufort.  It was very odd that there were patches of unkempt graves and headstones outside the National Cemetery walls.  We found these unkept graveyards throughout the town; it seemed to be very strange.  A record from September 1711 notes the area had “been depopulated by the late Indian War and Massacre.”  It seems a lot of the stories from these graveyards are lost to history. 

The next day we did the walk-in Bluffton, SC, a small town on the way to Hilton Head Island.  It says it sits on a bluff, short by western standards. Lots of neat shops and homes.  It was near Beaufort, so we decided to get it done.  Bluffton really is nothing more than a crossroads with a single city block of upscale shops and restaurants.   The real draw here is the oyster shucking factory, which you can tour.  The day we were here, it was closed, so I guess we'll have to save that for another day.

So on your next trip to Charleston or down  I95, get out and see some of these smaller towns.  They will not disappoint. Remember, this is where the good stuff is.