When I travel people ask me where I’m from, I always answer with Tennessee; 90% of the time I get this puzzled look of where is that?   Then all I have to say is, “where they make Jack Daniels Whiskey”.   They immediately know where that is.   Good Old Jack Daniels world famous all around the world has put Tennessee on the map along with country music.     Tennessee is at the intersection of America; heck without Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie there would be no Texas and some say America.   Now Jim Bowie isn't really from Tennessee, he is from Russellville Kentucky but that is close enough; 10-15 miles across the border as the crow flies.    When I talk to my Texas friends I always say, “Remember the Alamo and who’s your daddy, Tennessee is of course.

Tennessee with the Appalachian Mountains on its eastern border, the Cumberland Plateau at its center and the Mississippi river at its west creates a state like no other.    Nashville the state capital geographically sits in center of the state, although the capital it is the music that she is known for.   Take Appalachian Irish based Folk music, mix it with the Jazz that traveled from New Orleans up the Mississippi river, add a dash of Blues from Memphis; sprinkle in some old time gospel, what do you have, country music of course.   Nashville’s country music took all of these elements to create a very distinctive sound.   Of course then there's Elvis who took all of it to create this thing called Rock and Roll, but that is a another story.  It is a Tennessee story none the less. 

Now all this Music was not created in a vacuum it is the geography, the people, the places and things that had a hand in this.  Not to mention the pain and sorrow that is part of human existence.  It wasn't a mistake that Tina Turner is from western Tennessee, grew up outside of Memphis at a crossroads called Nutbush.   I will spend part of my life trying to see as much of this as possible, it fascinates to me to no end.  Will I ever completely understand it no, but it will bring me to place of better understanding yes.   A better understanding of this place we call America.  Oh and the food I can't forget about the food the Loveless Cafe explains it all.

This is why I live in the greatest state in the union, the great state to Tennessee.  Everyone can sing rocky top now and then see that these are my experiences.


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