Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Warr's Harley Davidson London England

If you haven't realized it yet, Harley Davidson is increasingly dependent on International Sales.  It is merely the nature of this Iconic brand.   Harley Davidson is known as a symbol of freedom, and American Power admired throughout the World.  Owning a Harley is the closest many will get to feeling American.

So when I travel, I like to visit the local Harley Shop.  Usually, when I visit these shops, it seems that I'm the one who ends up answering the questions.  I'm always interested in the perspective of riders worldwide.  So far I have been to Harley Dealerships in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and now London, England.

In the Canadian shops, I was confronted with the fact that down south we have a very long riding season and that even in the winter we can get a few days of riding in.  There was a hint of jealousy in their voices, for good reason.  In UAE it was about the Desert ride which is awesome.  The Mountains and the Oceans are magnificent. If you stop at a rest stop you will more than likely be greeted by a camel.

In London, it was all about style and power.  There is, of course, driving on the wrong side of the road.  Warr's Harley Davidson was a large shop in the American Style.  They also had a thriving customization operation.  They had some awesome custom bikes that they built from Harley stock cycles.

Warr's is the oldest dealership in Europe, established in 1924.  They also had a collection of vintage bikes that were on the showroom floor.  One of the associates picked my brain about riding in America and planned to go there to ride this upcoming summer. 

Wherever I go its fun to see Harley conquering the multicultural divide, bring together riders from all over the world.  So when you sit on any motorcycle remember this, you have more in common with the rest of the world than you might think.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

6 Days in London

This is a bit of a ramble a collection of facebook post, but I think that it is fun, enjoy.

Nashville’s new non stop to London. I’m impressed so far with British Airways. Flight was delayed 2 hours got a text at home with a recommended check in time. Because of the 2 hour delay we got a dinner voucher. That was nice of them.

Thoughts on Anthony Bourdain who was discovered dead the day we were leaving:  As I sit here waiting for my flight to London. I have to say I have been thinking of this all day. Last year I read a piece that hinted at trouble in this mans paradise. As one person put it he was bitten by that black dog. The black dog of depression.

I have followed Anthony from the very beginning. Trying to fashion my life as his was, by traveling and searching out new experiences. It seems unbelievable to me that it has ended for him and in such a sad way. I guess there is solace in the fact that he gave so much to the lovers of travel and food. That he had a life many of us dream of and was able to share it with the world. Rest in piece and until Valhalla.

The view of Windsor Castle from our hotel room window. Today is the queens birthday.  A walk around Windsor tonight and then tour the Castle tomorrow.  It was a special stay and one that we didn't plan to make they made a mistake on our AirBnB reservations so we couldn't check in until tomorrow evening.  Windsor is close to Heathrow and a short train into London.

You can tell we’re getting older, notice I won’t say old. We had plans once we got into our Flat in London to go to Piccadilly Circus for dinner. Needless to say, we went to the local market to pick  up some things. We decided on frozen pizza. Well, at least we know the oven works. It will be there tomorrow, Piccadilly Circus that is.

Still not really over the jet lag, so we got a late start today. We hit the Harley Dealer first thing, you got to have your priorities. Then the Victoria and Albert Museum. After a late lunch Kensington Gardens and Palace. I’ll post albums later, but here’s a little taste. Was very surprised by Kensington Palace which showed Victoria's Royal Apartments. They had a Diane Exhibit there which was a bonus. Got our Chips fix taken care of. 

We took a river cruise which was included in the London Pass from Tower Hill down to Westminster. We walked over to the London Eye, but it wasn’t included in the London pass and the line was out of this world so we walk to Westminster Abby which closed at 330pm. So we decided to jump on the bus and go home.

Westminster Abby established 1066. Is the center of the western world. I was completely overwhelmed by this place. Although it is primarily a place of worship, historically all 4 corners of the world meet at the Abby. The choir is composed of members from across the former empire. The historical figures represented or buried here are to long to list. Longfellow has a bust in the hall of poets. TH Lawrence, Chaucer are buried here. This is not even mentioning all the former sovereigns whom have tombs; Elizabeth the 1st is buried across from Mary Queen of Scots. Whom The virgin queen had beheaded. The only grave not walked on is that of the unknown warrior laid to rest in at the front of the Abby. At formal events Royals walk around that grave.

Last day in London tomorrow we do the duffel bag drag down to Southampton. The London pass included a 1 day ticket on the Hop On Hop Off tour so we spend a few hours riding around London. Not something I’d usually do, but it was free so what the heck. We were tired of walking so it worked out well. We had 6 full days here not enough time.

Something I thought about and think I should share. When traveling it is important to get the full experience. Skip the travel agent and book an apartment in any city in the world use public transportation and interact with local people. Go to the local markets and cook your own food. As a rule we only eat one meal out during the day, the others we cooked in. Today we ate Lebanese. At the apartment we eat bagels or cereal in the morning we have a grocery store across the street so, out of Coffee, Terri yells Curtis!! Last night I made chicken Tki Marsala, the sauce was out of a jar but it was amazing. Of course I doctored it up with fresh onion, red peppers and chicken,

The news from England this morning. Steve Hawking’s ashes will be placed in the naive at Westminster Abbey and Megan Markel made the Queen Laugh. That is all!!!

Well, we made it to Heathrow ready for our flight tomorrow. Found out there was a tube station behind the hotel. So we took the train to Hammersmith for one last British meal at a Pub there.

This was a neat trip to a suburb called Kew Gardens. We intended to go to a quilt shop there, but it was closed. It still was interesting to see the neighborhood. I wanted to go to The Royal Botanical Gardens that was near by, but it was to late. So we had an iced coffee at a Star Bucks near the tube stop. On future visit to the gardens,a stay in a small hotel would be a must when passing through London in the future.

I would like to spend a month here some day, now off to Southampton to catch our Northern Lights Cruise with a stop in St. Petersburg.