Saturday, May 16, 2020

Walking Southern Towns: A Trip through the Past

Well, they lifted the travel ban here in Tennessee today, and we want to get out and do a couple of AVA: America's Walking Club walks.  So with the ability to still socially distance in the Recreational Vehicle we travel in, we are off for another adventure.  

We drive to Collierville near Memphis to do there Year-Round Event.  On the way there we stop to eat lunch, which was fast food take out.  We park near the Delta Heritage Museum near where Tina Turner was born.  If you are ever traveling on I40 in Tennessee, stop at exit 56 and say hi to Tina and the gang. Tina Turner was born just north of here in Nutbush, about 50 miles from Memphis. The Delta is a magical place more on that later. 


Collierville's claim is that they have the best small town in the USA. They are in Shelby County about 20 miles from Memphis just inside the county line. It looks like there is a lot of FedEx money in this small town, which is an absolute Treasure. So we walk 6K, while on the walk it seems that one resident takes his satellite TV seriously or maybe he is trying to talk to aliens I do not know.  This is a great southern town walk. There claim of being the best small town in the USA might be right. They have a busy town square park and business district that seems to be in harmony with one another.  They also have an old train station opposite the town square that has a collection of train cars and engines. 


We camp on the way to our next destination Athens Alabama near the Tennessee and Mississippi border.  The weather is fabulous.  It doesn't get much better than this.  Plus, the cost of fuel $1.32 a gallon makes traveling very affordable.  Especially when the RV gets 10 miles a gallon.  

The next day, we did the Year-Round Event in Athens, Alabama. Another great small town walk and equal to Collierville. I will say that each town walk that we do, we find uniqueness in each town. They really are our favorite AVA walk. We usually learn some historical facts in each city. On most occasions we like to have lunch in the downtown somewhere, but with social distancing that hasn't been possible. We travel in an RV, so on these trips, we have less contact with people than you would at a grocery store. Our favorite sites in Athens were the Antebellum homes, and one of the oldest ice creams stands in the state.


All in all, it was a great two trip with two great walks thrown in.  So get out there and walk, be safe and social distance.  There is a lot of America to see so get out there and do it.