Monday, August 10, 2015

Riding Tennessee Counties: Clarksville to Chattanooga and Back

This weekend it was a long 600-mile ride to Chattanooga and back.   We did get another 12 counties under our belt. We now have 49, with another 45 to go.  This should put me back in the lead of the Harley Owner Group Directors challenge.  I can taste free service on my motorcycle.

Every courthouse we visit has a distinct architectural style.  My favorite is the art deco.  These mainly being built in the 1930's when art deco was the rage.  Every one of them looks like a Picasso painting.   These county squares are a treasure trove of Tennessee history detailing key events in our past.

As the miles rolled along we pass through towns like Winchester, Jasper, Dunlop, and of course Lynchburg world famous for its Jack Daniels Whiskey.   I have talked to people all around the world and when asked where I live, I always say Tennessee first. Most of the time they have no idea where that's at.  Then when I say where Jack Daniels Whiskey is made they know immediately.  Usually saying; Awe Jack Daniels!; with a big smile on their face.