Travel on a Motorcycle

What can I say; it’s all about the ride baby.   Like an arch, it welds all of the senses together, with a little touch of danger added.   Some would say riding a motorcycle; that’s not safe!  I would say the quality and a fulfilled life will not be measured by the years lived.   It is the best way to travel.  You are exposed to the environment, forced in some ways to become the part of the place you are traveling.

There is something about a southern rain that can't be explained.   A southern rain has the power to cleanse the soul.   Unlike a drizzle or a light rain, a southern rain is a deluge.  After a southern rain, it seems the world has changed.   The air is lighter the dust is gone.  The world seems renewed.   Many of the best parts of a motorcycle ride are waiting out the storm.  Isn't it true with life; that sometimes it is the only thing we can do. To sit and wait out the storm; hey isn't there a song about that?

On a motorcycle you are encircled by these senses given from the world like a gift from God, they engulf you.   You are no longer in a steel cocoon of a car, sealed off from the possibility of understanding the world.  Again the best way to travel is on a motorcycle.

My travels are being done on a 1998 Heritage Softail Classic and a 2013 Electra Glide Classic.   I have discovered that anywhere you can go on a Motorcycle can be a good place.  It is the perspective of the ride that will make you a believer.

These are my small thoughts on the matter.

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