Puerto Rico

Imagine getting a call one night, you have to go to work at 3 am for some undefined reason.  Then imagine being put on a military aircraft not being told what the destination will be.   A few hours into the flight we are told we are going to Roosevelt Roads Naval Base an Airfield in Puerto Rico.    We all look at each other and mutter “Porto what”?

As the doors to the Aircraft open, there is thickness and heat to the air.   On this airfield we never leave the tarmac next to the runway.   We sit and sweat in the hot sun.  Palm trees are visible in the distance and the ocean lies beyond the runway.    As we complete the training mission and listen to the after action review, I day dream.   I think to myself I must come back here.  We load the aircraft later in the evening for the return flight home.  While flying home my imagination fills my head with thoughts of this tropical island.   This is my first trip to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico an Island in the Caribbean is roughly the size and shape of the state of Connecticut.    In the Army I served with numerous Puerto Ricans and developed friendships with many of them.  Their Island and heritage has always intrigued me.  The Puerto Rican zest for life I have found unmatched and in many ways seek to capture it.

 Puerto Rico has countless beaches along its 275 miles of coastline that offer many an adventure, an Island with a mountainous interior only further develops the mystery.  Add San Juan a vibrant bustling city of 396 thousand souls you have the makings of a true captivating island.  The slogan on the PR’s car license plate is appropriate, Isle Del Encanto; in the land of The Enchanted Island.

There are many things to do on this enchanted Island.  It will take many trips to enjoy its untapped treasures.  I love the beach, to snorkel, and swim.   Swimming with the fishes has a rejuvenating feeling.  Below are many ideas for great adventures in this Caribbean paradise.  There is something for everyone in Puerto Rico you just have to get out and discover it.

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