Thursday, September 22, 2016

Elkton Bike Night and the Todd County Hay Bale Tour

After living in Tennessee for the last 25 years I have developed a growing distrust of the Kentuckians that reside across a border only 9 miles away.  They invade our state every so often wearing that god awful Kentucky Wildcat Blue.  Being a casual Vanderbilt Fan I have attended a Commodore VS Wildcat basketball game, seeing that obnoxious sea of blue I became exacerbated.  In a up swell of growing rage I proclaimed build a wall and make those Kentuckians pay for it.

This though has all changed.  Lately I have grown to love our neighbors to the North, where we now cautiously travel every so often.  Terri's favorite quilt shop, Golden Threads is in Trenton. It is a small town where you can get a bite eat at the Black Sheep Bistro , where the Barbecue is to die for.  Now there is a new knitting store called the Wooded Needle which I'm sure now will end up with some of the Anderson family wealth.,

We also enjoy the Thursday Night Bike Nights in Elkton which is in the county seat of Todd County. It is a ritual to ride to Elkton have dinner and enjoy the impromptu bike show and the many restaurants on the town square. The bike nights run from May to October every Thursday night.  This last with week was extra special because of the Todd County Harvest Festival which includes the Hale Bale tour.

During the last week of September the residents of Todd County decorate Hay Bales as different characters.  It is interesting seeing Steve Wonder saying "Hay!!"and sheep made out of hay saying Hay EWE!!!  For a quick view of all the Hay look on to see whats happening in Todd County.   So check it out Todd County it's a happening place.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Flight 93 Memorial: A Trip Back to 911

The Flight 93 National Memorial; "A common field one day.  A field of honor forever".  This was a stop on a visit with old Army buddy in Pennsylvania.  The story is a 911 story, a story of hero's.    

Flight 93 was one of the 4 aircraft that was hijacked on September 11, 2001.  As we all know 2 were flown into the World Trade Center in New York and the other into the Pentagon in Washington DC, killing over 3000 people.  This Aircraft was hijacked and was headed towards the US Capitol Building, it's intended target.

The passengers on this day decided they weren't going to die without a fight, so they tried to take the aircraft back.  During the struggle, the hijackers crashed the plane into a field in southwestern Pennsylvania.  Although they didn't save their own lives they saved the lives of hundreds if not thousands, at it's intended target in Washington DC.

This memorial is an awesome place, huge compared to other memorials that I  have visited. In total 2200 acres.  They have planted 40 groves of trees.  One for each passenger and crew that died on that fateful flight.  The groves of trees are arranged in a 2 miles semicircle from the memorial wall to the visitor center overlooking the complete memorial site.  The site an unforgettable experience.  

It was a solemn visit to a great new memorial; both Bob and me, are retired Army Warrant Officers who are proud of our service.  At the memorial, we met another in our band of brothers.  This old crusty warrant was now working at the memorial yet again serving his country in an honored way.  Robert Franz still making the Warrant Officer Corps Proud.  It was fun to relive our experiences of both serving in the 82nd Airborne.  He said it is an honor to be working here at the memorial.   I can only imagine.