Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Great River Road: Day 2 Missouri Route 79

I've had a lot of good luck dodging the rain when I ride.  Well, today my luck ran out. After leaving Ste. Genevieve, I stopped in St. Louis to see Presidents Grant's Farm a National Historic Site.  I then start to make my way up Route 79 on the Missouri side of the Great River Road. 

Once on 79, God starts to spit. I stop to put my rain suit on before the heavens open up.  I pretty much ride in a downpour all the way from St. Louis to Louisiana, Missouri.  To my luck, the rain lets up, and I really enjoyed the ride from Louisiana to Hannibal.  Majestic rolling hills, views, and turns above the mighty Mississippi.   

Hannibal, the home of Mark Twain, the original river traveler, the house he grew up in is located in the old downtown in this great river town.  After stopping to get some pictures I make my way across the river, back to the Illinois side of the River Road.    

After passing through river towns like Quincy, Keokuk, Nauvoo, and Ft. Madison, I stop for the night in Muscatine.  Some of these places have seen there better days and have an eerie sense of abandonment.  Like the water that flows past them has drained the town in some way.  Muscatine though seems to be thriving and is a good break after a long ride.  

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