Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Headed Home a Ride on Wisconsin Route 78

After spending a few days in Merrill Wisconsin, it's time to head home to Tennessee.  After 4 days of riding the River Road along the Mississippi, I decided to take a more direct route home.  There are still some sites I want to see, and an Interstate to be avoided.

I leave on a gray morning not expecting rain, but sure enough, God starts spitting about 25 miles down Interstate 39.  It is a light on and off rain, I can't decide whether to rain suit up or not.  So I stop for gas and decide to press on.  Luckily the rain subsides, and I dry out quickly.  As the sun comes out, I leave the interstate where I-39 meets I-90 near Portage.  Then join Wisconsin Route 28.

My original reason to take this road was to avoid I-90 which is a mess between Madison and Rockford.  This road turned out to be a joy to ride.  A curvy river road that filled the senses.  It is a good day to be on a motorcycle.

I stop for lunch in Prairie Du Sac at the Eagle Inn.  On the banks of Lake Wisconsin, I had the Turkey Thanksgiving Special.  The waitress was friendly and had a lot of questions about my trip.  I'm always amazed at the reactions that I get when I tell people I'm on a long motorcycle trip.  Most ask where you've been, and where you're going, some even ask if they can go with you.

As I leave the hills and curves of the Wisconsin River; Route 28 straightens out into a flat corn filled plain.  In no time I'm crossing the border into Illinois.  As I pass through Dixon Illinois, I stop at Ronald Reagan's Boyhood home.  Reagan as a child lived in a lot of places in Northern Illinois, this was one of them.

After visiting a dead president, I rejoin I-39 and blast down to Decatur for my overnight stop.  I'll be home tomorrow after 5 hours on the interstate and a stop at Four River Harley Davidson.  You know I have to stop and check out the sales rack.


  1. Sometimes having the option to ride to a job I have rode this route a couple of times and it is a really nice ride. A couple of years ago around the middle/last of June the mayflies all hatched at once and I had to abort the mission! The dead fly goop on the highway along with the smashing of the flies on the forehead made me search other routes! Good times......

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