Sunday, December 11, 2022

Madrid: The Prado

It is hot in Madrid this summer, so it will be nice to spend a day in a cool place.  After buying our tickets online, it is a short walk to The Prado from our Airbnb.  We get there before it opens, so we wait in a park across the street in the shade.  After the walk, the coolness of the morning is soothing. 

The Prado is one of the great museums in the world.  It is one of the highlights of our stay in Madrid, Spain.  It houses some of the greatest European Art in existence.   The building was designed in 1785 and originally held only Spanish art.  It continues to hold the Spanish Royal Collection.  Its 1st catalog was published in 1811. Spain's most famous artist Goya many works displayed here, but the Prado is so much more. 

The museum is laid out on 4 floors. We began at the top and worked our way into the basement.  The art from the 11th Century to the present is overwhelming and exhaustingly hard to take in all in one day.   It was a long day but completely worth it.  We ate in the Museum Cafe for lunch, spending about 6 hours going through the museum. 

Much like the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris,  Goya's "The Executions" is a major attraction at the Prado.  It is a large painting, almost 9 Feet high and 12 Feet wide.  Its theme is emotional and historic, depicting the killing of Spanish rebels in Madrid by conquering Napoleonic french forces on 3 May 1808. 

Walking through this museum is a magical moment and is what travel is all about.  It's about education; travel changes you.  A trip to the Prado is something you will never forget. 

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