Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Day at Flamingo Gardens, Good Cuban Food in Miami and New Family.

After our son, Ryan was married in Puerto Rico and our first grandchild Ethan Daniel Anderson was born we wanted to spend some time with him right away.  We were very excited about getting down to Florida to see him. Gracie was staying with her family in Miami while Ryan was getting their house together in Everett.  So road trip!!!

Once we drove into Miami coming across the Everglade Causeway Interstate 75.   Weston Florida was right off the freeway.  Weston is at the edge of the Everglades it seems to be carved out of them.  After checking into our condo we make the short trip down to the Miami Airport near were Gracie's family lives.

Once getting Gracie and Ethan loaded into the truck we all head over to a Cuban Restaurant to get some authentic Cuban Food.   Man, was it good I can't wait to get back to this place. Roast Pork with Rice and Beans I love this stuff and of course was it downed with some Cuban Coffee.  The ladies had Cuban Sandwiches.  Oh so Good!!! After lunch, we headed to Flamingo Gardens a botanical garden in the midst of Miami.

One of the Iconic images of Miami is the Pink Flamingo.  This is the first place I got to take my Grandson too, so Flamingo Gardens will always be a special place.  It was a great time seeing the plants, Flamingos, and other Animals. Gracie and Ethan seemed to enjoy it.  I don't think he'll remember it, being only a couple of months old. So, Francisco, you'll have to get him there.

After taking Gracie back to her parent's house. Gracie parents took us out to dinner I felt pretty bad when they insisted on paying the bill considering I ordered one of the most expensive things on the menu. Francisco said This is my town I'll pay the bill".  I will never forget his hospitality. Later on, is the week we would all go to a Miami Marlin Baseball game it was a lot of fun.

On the way back to Weston we drove through Downtown Miami and of course the famed south beach.  What a sight it was good to see the city and drive along the boulevard seeing the iconic Art Deco buildings.  Once back to the condo it was time for a lazy swim in the pool and commit these things to memory.  A big city with so much to see I can't wait to get back.

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